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It's been over a year since we've first attempted to make a film called Star Trek Raven. And since then everything has changed. The lead roles, the camera guys, the story, the editing, the special effects, the costumes, and more fans. We thank you for hanging in there while we get our feet wet. We've been learning how to do this, and we also got involved in several other projects. Like Star Trek Cataja and Star Trek Voyager The Lost episodes, and The Federation Files. We not only make films, but we do voice over work for others. And that's fun. Many folks have come and gone, but the stars have risen to the top. And now Sydney Bowii is Raven. Raven is not a ship, it's a person. That alone is a departure from most Star Trek fan films. They are usually named after the ship or some ambiguous term that sounds neat.

The Story behind RAVEN
Raven now takes place one year after Voyager was lost. And that's all you are going to get for some time. The script is done and it will be a shorter film. Much shorter. So that way we can actually finish a product and get it out there.

What is with the suit Raven wears?
Raven wears an all black body suit. She is not a Federation agent nor is she a part of Starfleet. To give you one tiny piece of information, her role on the ship is similar to Seven's role on Voyager in a very small way.

Who is producing this?
David M Whitney of Iowa assembled the cast and crew with much help from the local actors and photographers in Central Iowa.
David is the main writer and cameraman and edits the film. Assistant cameras (and much more talented) is Stephan Janousek, who also is an actor and has several credits to his name and is a local commercial star.

But before I go on, please let me rant a little about the cast.

I know there are a lot of Star Trek fan films asking for money, and I have as well. And the ones getting it are the ones with Hollywood actors. That drives me insane. But I tell you this now; I will put our actors up against anything the other shows have been doing. That includes Axanar, Renegades, Continues and New Voyages. Our people are talented. And I'm very pleased to be working with them. But we would not have gotten this far without three people in particular. Glen Wolfe, Jim Von Dolteren, and Sydney Bowii. These people have been the backbone to the whole thing. And I have to mention Teresa Doe, who wishes to remain behind the scenes and sews our Voyager style costumes. Without these costumes we would be nowhere and I would be broke. 

So please sit back and watch Episode One when it is completed. That will hopefully boost Raven into another level of professionalism in fan films. We already have the attention of several Hollywood Trek folks, and maybe someday, if the fans decide to join us financially we can add one or two to the series. But I am very happy to have the beautiful people we have in our film.

We hope to finish filming by the end of 2015 and spit out the movie in July 2016.

Yours Truly, David M Whitney.

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