Leslie Moonves has made a grave error with the new Star Trek.
By David Whitney 10192017

  Somewhere along the line, Leslie Moonves, the head of CBS, who has an incredible track record of making CBS more profitable and generating astounding ratings, has made a huge tactical blunder with Star Trek Discovery.
  Known as a person who hates Science Fiction in general, his was the decision to cancel Star Trek Enterprise not long after taking the helm of the corporation.
  Moonves, who appears very confident in his many interviews on YouTube, has handed the creative mantle to a group of far left liberal producers. These producers in turn have taken a long beloved franchise and eliminated all of the things about it that most Star Trek fans loved about the show.
  Corporations rarely ever listen to the people for whom they pretend to serve. The bottom line is ratings.
  It may be true that society has degraded to a point where the average television viewer has poorer morals and less love of family and virtuous living. But it sure seems to me that a lot of fans are actually upset, not merely stuck in the past of the old shows. Any defense I read from "fans" of the new show tend to contain foul language and a disregard for the things of the past.
  I hear the budget for Discovery is eight million dollars an episode. Moonves is taking a big risk.
  In one interview, it appears Moonves is rather jealous of Netflix and the amount of money that is being made. He wants of piece of the pie being generated with monthly payments.
  If this new show does not fall flat and fail miserably, I'll be astonished. I believe CBS saw the success these fan films were having raising money, and they figured that if fans were willing to financially support fan made Star Trek, they would certainly support CBS Star Trek.
  The problem is they have made a stupid program.
  Dropping F-Bombs, angry disrespectful Officers, and changing everything around in general, narrows the fan base. Leslie has to know this right?
  Imagine if Reece's Peanut Butter cups suddenly decided to change the peanut butter to almond butter.
  Imagine if Big Bang Theory suddenly became mostly a show about angry young men who appear to dislike each other?
  Leslie does not seem to think that the NFL is in trouble with ratings. Is he blind?
  When Star Trek fails, and I think it will, will he take credit for it or blame his producers?
  I don't know Leslie Moonves. I don't know why he hates SCI-FI. I don't know how far left leaning he may be. But I do know this. He really screwed up. Trying to sucker people into buying CBS All Access is more than just a little annoying.
  What I want to know Leslie, is this; how many people have actually signed up because of Star Trek Discovery?
  After seeing the ad so many times on Facebook about how the new show "Is out of this world" and how sign-ups for it are a "record" , I finally un-liked and edited the ads potential for showing up in my Facebook.
  Leslie you did one thing for sure. You shut down a lot of fan films. Did you watch any of them?
  Are you proud?
  The Munsters TV show was successful in replacing the actress who played Marilyn with a look-alike. What you've done this time is to replace an apple with a lemon.
  It could have been so much better. Imagine if you had listened to the fans. All you did was try to pacify them with high-end CGI.
  Thank you very little.
  Your polls and statistics and producers have all let you down. And you in turn let the franchise die.
  The Orville proves what I am saying is true.
  Pride comes before the fall.
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CBS continues to do damage control with promotional "News" articles. By David Whitney

  In a recent poll taken by Starfleet Studios, people were asked "Has CBS ruined Star Trek?

  399 people, that's 85% said "Yes, CBS has ruined Star Trek."
72 responded in the positive for CBS - 15% "No, the new direction of Star Trek is better than before."

  As of 10-26-2017

  Is anyone else getting tired of what appear to be really poor articles written by non-Trekkie non-canon loving hacks?

  It's like listening to Hillary talk about Russia for goodness sake. Give it a rest.

   Another annoying facet of these authors is their inability to have any sense of humor. And critics are mean.

   Somehow, by way of a miracle of science, CBS has announced that Star Trek has been renewed for another season. I feel however, that this is a scam. Until story boards are drawn up and money is transferred, it's just more promotional fluff.
  This dumb-down version of Star Trek steals from everyone. They haven't got an original idea in their head. It's completely driven by their own liberal delusions of what Star Trek ought to be.
  CBS, your Star Trek is an angry, nasty, hate-filled political and religious rant and we know it. Some of us care, and the ones who do think you stink. Personally. Go ruin some other show.

  The first Captain to die in this series seems to be CBS's way of finishing off the show. It seems metaphorical.


CBS Hates Star Trek
By David Whitney, Starfleet Studios. 10-15-2017
This opinion does not necessarily reflect the team at Starfleet Studios or Fan Film Productions.

  Glen Geller is to blame for ruining Star Trek. He gave the green light to Alex Kurtzman producer for Star Trek Discovery. And although Alex Kurtsman declared that he would stick to Bryan Fuller's outline for the new Discovery version of Star Trek, the truth is, Fuller is as much to blame as Kurtsman for burying the old moralistic way of telling a story. As with the liberal slant of Hollywood, and it's desire for all things relative and up to one's own opinion, rather than sticking to an ethical code, why not just ditch the canon and make it their own?
  I really think CBS hates Star Trek. Why else would they choose to alienate so many of it's base fans? Just like CNN, who makes up news as it goes along, CBS executives and producers have effectively killed the franchise and rebooted it in their own inglorious images.
  Declaring the whole time along the way their moral high ground for “diversity”, while pandering to political correctness, they have done what no marketing team has done before. Destroy a proven formula.
  Unless you remember the Jefferson's. That old TV show about a black family who “reached the top," the Jefferson's was still riding popularity when it was canceled. All because someone in charge didn't like it.
  I find it amusing, the new costumes for Star Trek Discovery, how they all look the same. Very limited colors for the officers. It's like they are trying so hard to say that the crew are all equal.
  But Star Trek was never about equality. It was about adventure. Each crewman has his or her role to play. Male and female, working together. Equality was something that was a given, not something the producers had to shout to proclaim their objectivity to the masses. “Aren't we good?”
  The Orville has proven to me that it could have been done right. It could have been the next series. Before or after Voyager. It's so ironic that a guy who makes a living off of tongue and cheek humor obviously knows more about writing and producing Star Trek than the collective creative conscious of CBS.
  CBS wants fans who don't like the old Star Trek. They want new fans. They want younger fans. They want liberal leaning left-wing fans. And for the right leaning, or central leaning, if you don't like it, then you're a racist.
And although I would never take a knee during the National Anthem, I take a knee to CBS and to Star Trek Discovery. Frankly, I could have done it better. Heck, I know a dozen people besides Seth that could have done it better. People like James Cawley, and Vic Mignogna, and so many more.
  I am working on my last Star Trek fan film. But let me make it clear, it is the old Star Trek, prior to JJ Abrams and Glen Gellers version of this beloved franchise. That is the real Star Trek. Not this thing in pale blue suits.
  Am I worried that CBS will come after me and sue me? Not at all. I am not making money at it. Do you really think they care at all about a regular guy in Iowa who works a regular job and uses his own money to make a fan film? No they are worried about people like Alec Peters, who was effectively stealing Star Trek right from under them. Who raised so much money that he was paying himself and building a studio and was even selling starship models. Alec took it way too far.
  I'm glad that CBS hasn't pulled the plug on the old shows on cable and streaming services. Not yet. The evidence is there. Go watch “Bread and Circuses”. Listen as lieutenant Uhura explains to the crew that it is Jesus Christ that the people worship, not the sun.
  Let that sink in.
  Moral absolutes. Hollywood hates that.
  And so does CBS.